About Us

Our key aim, throughout the year, is to provide a full art education for children from 4 to 18 years in the four major areas of the Fine Arts : Painting, Drawing, Printing and Sculpture/Ceramics.

We want our young artists to experience the delight of discovering their own innate abilities and also to acquire those artistic skills that will allow them to be both expressive and articulate. Our young artists gain experience that assists them in their regular academic endeavours and improves their general problem solving abilities. Creativity in the visual arts can have a significant impact on achievements in spatial thinking and mathematics.
Two quotations from the past help to inform this process:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” (Albert Einstein)
The Little Art School aims to stimulate the imagination of all our students

“To train the hand is to train the mind” (Aristotle)
The Little Art School aims to train young artists by teaching skills necessary to create works of art.

This means that in every term we aim to achieve a stimulating balance of projects and exercises in each of the four major areas of Fine Art. Painting, Drawing, Printing and Sculpture/Ceramics, using only best quality professional art materials.

As each child develops greater confidence and skill, it will be seen that they accomplish their Fine Art projects with increased dexterity and knowledge. Newly acquired artistic skills form part of the building blocks of a visual language adding incrementally to the discoveries made in previous lessons.

In practical terms these discoveries translate into a substantial body of completed artwork that expresses the progress and development of the young artist. The annual Christmas Art Exhibition provides a great opportunity to celebrate this.

Special Little Art School T-Shirts (to keep clothes clean) and portfolios (to store completed work) will be available for purchase at the start of each session in Aberystwyth and Newcastle Emlyn.